Our Story

Wild botanical herbs and aged spirits form the heart of Finnish nature.

Ägräs Distillery is situated in Fiskars, Finland - a historic village surrounded by the raw magnificence of Finnish nature, internationally renowned for its rich heritage in artistry and design. 

Our philosophy about the craft of distilling embodies centuries-long traditions and knowhow of using handpicked, wild herbs from the region for creating potions and spirits that heal body and soul.  We transcend this knowledge into our unique Gin and Akvavit which manifest the natural integrity of our ingredients.

From the pure waters of Fiskars to the seasonal selected botanical roots, seeds, flowers, herbs and berries that we have handpicked from our surroundings, we create one of a kind spirits, exclusively crafted for the rest of the world to enjoy.


The Team

We are a versatile team with a shared goal: to bring new exciting experiences to the Finnish spirits scene. Our team consists of founding partners in one of the very first new wave microbreweries in Finland - Fiskarsin Panimo, The Fiskars Villager of the Year 2015, of a Scottish renown botanics and wild herbs master and an award-winning international Design and Innovation agency.