The Vision.

Ägräs Distillery was named after the ancient Finnish God of nature and abundance - Ägräs. Indeed, Finnish nature, wild picked herbs and no-nonsense purity are at the core of our brand.

We specialise in signature botanical and aged spirits within each respective category, creating unique product experiences, from spirit to bottle, that will excite both connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.


The Team.



We are a versatile team with a shared goal: to bring new exciting experiences to the Finnish spirits scene. Our team consists of founding partners in one of the very first new wave microbreweries in Finland - Rekolan Panimo, of The Fiskars Villager of the Year 2015, of a Scottish renown botanics and wild herbs master and of an award-winning international brand design agency.


Jari Leinonen - Founding Partner, COO  
Jari is no novice to the industry. With 17 years experience from the restaurant business, his life is all about flavors and different tastes. His approach to distilling and brewing is founded upon his unending pursuit of finding unusual and memorable flavors that make his products uniquely distinguishable. The Founder of Rekolan Panimo and a partner at Fiskarsin Juustola, Jari is an accomplished entrepreneur with solid know-how of how to build a business from nothing to successful operations.

Find out more about Jari and his motivation here in his latest interview.


Susanna Kankare - Founding Partner, General Manager
Named Fiskars' resident of the year for a reason, Susanna is an inspiring, brave and modern peasant who makes art of being from the countryside. Susanna has a decade long experience working as a manager, entrepreneur and with project development. At Ägräs, she is in charge of planning and building the tap-room and planning and executing the direct customer experience component of the business.

Find out more about Susanna and her passions for the village of Fiskars in her latest interview.


Juha Kuronen - Founding Partner, CEO
Juha is Hyvinkää’s gift to Ägräs. Even more so, as the CEO of the Distillery, Juha's responsibility is to take the business forward ambitiously with clear goals in mind. He is a genius in the IT business, and therefore, the brains of the distillery. Juha has a long entrepreneurial background in both the IT business and the drinks industry. As a result, he has confidently taken the reins and is set on a mission to get Ägräs up and running in no time.


Kenneth McMaster - Botanics and Herbs Master
Kenneth came to Finland in the year 2000. When he moved to Karjaa, where there are few bars and limited beers on offer, Kenneth started making home-made wine and brewing beer. He wanted to use as much local, home grown and wild produce as possible. Having got to know the local area through foraging for mushrooms and berries he was able to find the ingredients needed for making gruit ale - a promising start to something greater to come. His natural talent for finding and utilizing nature’s best flavors is Ägräs’ proprietary secret we are holding on to with both hands.


Anssi Takala - Founding Partner, Business Development & Sales
Anssi is an international sales professional with longstanding experience in business development, product management and international business and strategy. Anssi’s global connections spanning from North America to East Asia, his natural talent for sales, and sense for the exciting will be muscle behind Ägräs’ commercialization worldwide.