The Vision.

Ägräs Distillery was named after the ancient Finnish God of nature and abundance - Ägräs. Indeed, Finnish nature, wild picked herbs and no-nonsense purity are at the core of our brand.

We specialise in signature botanical and aged spirits within each respective category, creating unique product experiences, from spirit to bottle, that will excite both connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.


Craft and Ingredients

Imagine custom bottles and glasses made by the glassblowers of Fiskars, imagine a tasting room adorned with furniture from the local carpenters, think of bunches of local herbs bundled and ready for their purpose, filling the distillery with the spirit of nature.

Intrigue and Imagination

Imagine a humid secret cave on the shore of the Baltic Sea, filled with barrels of maturing spirits. Now imagine an award-winning bespoke line of strong spirits - all with unmistakable taste profiles, embodying Ägräs Distillery’s strong vision.

Local to Global

A vision of a distillery like no other, that distills unique spirits worthy of the global market, and one that brings together the passions and the crafts of the Fiskars community.