Ägräs Distillery stills are installed and working

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Shortly after our premises were ready for distilling there was only one thing missing: stills (the distilling equipment). Until now. Luckily we’ve been busy collecting local herbs before the snow fell, because the time is here to make our special products come to life!

No words needed. #soonwewilldistill #aquavit #gin #whiskey #kothe #dudesareinstalling

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Installing of the Ägräs Distillery stills

The stills of Ägräs Distillery were installed during last week and the first tests have been a success. The stills require adjustments for them to work the way we want them to and therefore Tomi, our head distiller is working hard on this matter. The feedback has been purely positive so far. Our hopes are over the roof in other words.

Ägräs Distillery

Commencing the distilling process is obviously one of the most important milestones for us to achieve, so we’re beyond excited to get to craft our recipes into products with our own equipment.

All of those carefully selected and collected herbs are about to serve their purpose. They are going to give that special taste to our future beverages. As soon as we have more to show, we will show it to you!

ÄGRÄS still

Stay tuned for more news, because this is literally just the beginning of the great story of Ägräs Distillery in Fiskars.

If you’re interested in seeing the distillery itself, check out our Tap Room Distillery tours for more information.