First product release coming up!


When you’re creating something new from scratch, it’s pretty obvious that everything doesn’t always go according to plan. Albeit knowing it in the back of your head, you’re still working towards your goals and milestones. After a year of hard work we were pretty sure that we would hit our targets, until we were informed that a crucial delivery was delayed. Bummer.

Well, in the countryside we’re used to get things done. Also this time. That earlier setback was quickly turned into an advancement and what do you know, from 15th of December all restaurants in Finland can pre-order our two first products!

We’re going to introduce the products more in detail here in the near future. Of the two we can tease a little bit by telling you that the first product is extraordinary fresh and nuanced thanks to a signature balance of caraway seeds and lemon peel. It’s naturally crafted with traditional mastership, distilled from potatoes and matured in white oak barrels. Can you guess what it might be?

As for you, beloved consumers out there, both of our new products are available for order through Alko later this year. Be sure to grab yours! We’ll keep you posted the moment we have more information.