The first Ägräs beverages are finally here.

We made it! We've been preparing for this the whole fall. Let us present to you, our two first products. Our simplistic bottles showcase what really matters, the products themselves.

Let’s uncover a little about what’s been going on during the last few weeks. The still is as great as we anticipated and it didn’t take many test runs to get the adjustments right the way we needed. Great planning of the products was key to avoid a lot of adjustments of the still. Needless to say what we’ve been up to since the still has been running. Just to reassure you, we’ve been distilling!

For the unveiling of our first products, we’ve been busy filling up bottles and attaching the labels the whole week. On Thursday we had a press conference and that resulted in quite some coverage in local newspapers, thank you for that! The excitement stirs up for the actual launch tonight. So far the feedback of the products has been positive and we’re hoping for nothing less in the future.

These products are available to restaurants to order and very soon they will be available to order through Alko’s throughout Finland also.

We will be busy producing more of these the rest of the year. Next year, our line of products will get a third and fourth delicacy, but more on that in the future.