A closer look of Ägräs Gin and Ägräs Akvavit

Ägräs Gin and Ägräs Akvavit are finally in circulation so let’s dive a bit deeper into both of them.

The bottles

We are from Fiskars, Finland and we cherish the history of the village. To emphasize this we’ve chosen to give a new life to the font of Fiskars on the bottles. This font originates from the most sold plough Fiskars Aura nr. 10. The kind that you pull with a horse on a field.

Ägräs Gin: The bottle is recognizable by the blue label by the bottleneck, also because it says Gin and the content is transparent.

Ägräs Akvavit: We use the same bottle for akvavit as for gin. The most notable difference is that the spirit itself is of a darker, golden color. The label is red.

Now that you know how the bottles look like and you’re able to pinpoint them out in a bar and in the near future in an Alko, let’s open the gates to their aromas and tastes.

Ägräs Gin

Agras Gin

Imagine a misty autumn morning by the brink of a field. It’s calm and a bit chilly. The field extracts fresh smells of herbs ready to be picked to your basket. That’s how Ägräs Gin smells and tastes like.

When opening a bottle of Ägräs Gin you will recognize the scents of juniper berry but bringing a mix to the package by adding clover, angelica and citrus.

A greeting from our master distiller Tomi that Ägräs Gin is a very good gin to drink chilled by itself. Nonetheless, it’s designed to go well in cocktails thanks to its soft taste and distinct aroma.

Ägräs Akvavit

Agras Akvavit

A day of hard work is over. You’re sitting on the couch by the fireplace relaxing and enjoying the moment. That’s what the scent of Ägräs Akvavit might bring to your mind. The taste takes you even deeper thanks to the herbs used in the distilling process.

Ägräs Akvavit is fresh and lively, with a rich taste of Finnish caraway seeds and rich flavors of fennel and citrus peel as well as hints of vanilla because of Oak barrel maturing.

After distilling, the product is put into oak barrels to mature for 4 weeks. When ready, we get the beautiful golden color and the right to call it akvavit.

The scent of our akvavit is quite spicy and the taste is indeed very rich. For the best experience Tomi recommends to enjoy the drink by itself unchilled to bring out the whole depth. Sure you can also enjoy it chilled down if you prefer to do so, but the soft tastes from the oak barrel maturing will be gone because of the cold.

Fred Karlsson