We’re growing through a partnership

Servaali Oy

We want to keep creating great beverages in the future too and be able to focus on what we really love, to finetune and make awesome products for our customers to enjoy. For us to be able to focus on that, we’ve chosen to strike a partnership with Servaali Oy who will be in charge of the domestic distribution and sales of our products.

Servaali Oy is one of the market leaders of alcohol importers in Finland, the Baltics and Sweden. Their range of representation consists of high standard spirits, wines, beers and ciders. Their sales is anticipated to reach 20 million litres in 2017. That’s quite the volume, isn’t it?

The partnership is celebrating a one month anniversary and the sales has been great so we’re still happy together. “The Ägräs brand is unique and the quality of the products are top class, also on an international measure.” says Juho Koivula, product manager of Servaali Oy.

Our binoculars and the distillery telescope is also set towards the interesting international markets. However, we’re going forward slowly but systematically as we want to maintain the sustainability of manufacturing. We know how sad both you and we would be if we couldn’t respond to the demand that you’ve created.

Rest assured, soon you’ll see more of Ägräs somewhere near you.