A Finnish micro distillery going international with crowdfunding

Ägräs is at it again. The results of our first crowdfunding in 2015 helped us getting where we are today. From that point on we’ve started our operations, trained pickers of wild herbs, opened up the Tap Room, launched our two first products gin and akvavit, started the maturing of our whisky and even won a bronze medal in ISC 2017 and much more. Now we’re happy to announce our second crowdfunding round in collaboration with Invesdor.

We’re confident that our first products meets the micro distillery standards abroad. Therefore the time has come for us to start conquering international markets. The scouting has already begun and samples have been sent to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Baltic countries, England, Germany, Spain, Russia, China and Australia. Negotiations with the US markets are ongoing as well.

To meet the demand, we’re raising 100.000€ - 350.000€ that are projected to be used to product development, new equipment, enlarging our storage facilities, hiring of new staff and marketing. The public round starts 18.4. At the time of this writing, we’ve already raised 65% of our minimum target during the closed round. In other words, the second round has started really well!

Yes, we did say product development. Nothing wrong with whisky, gin and akvavit, but as we’re in the distilling business and from Finland, we feel like we should give more. Our herbalicious Digestif and a very exciting Long Drink are on their way in 2017. Apart from that we’re planning to bring a vodka to the markets in 2018. Ägräs whisky will be consumable in 2020.

More information is found in deep detail from Invesdor’s page. You can be a part of this success story with as little as 380€. In case this is the first time you read or hear about us, don’t worry. Ägräs Gin and Ägräs Akvavit are found in Alko and also found in quite a few bars and restaurants already. Try them out, crunch the numbers, evaluate the EBITDA and make your decision.

Oh and by the way, to encourage the funding, we will provide a free distillery tour and tasting for 4 persons to everybody who invests prior to 25.4.2017.

More information:
Open for public investments 18.4 - 28.5 (or until we reach 350.000€)