Bragging rights: Own a distillery

Owning shares in a distilling company is not something that everyone can brag about. If you would like to possess that icebreaker, you’d better navigate to Ägräs Distillery’s crowdfunding. With less than one week left of the crowdfunding round, it’s safe to say that there’s not too much time to spare.

Not just a nice-to-have

The story of Ägräs Distillery is thankfully not just an icebreaker and owning its shares is not a mere nice-to-have. Ägräs Gin and Ägräs Akvavit are even easier to crash into in restaurants, bars and Alkos, now that the official wild herb cocktails have been published. Ägräs Whisky is also maturing and will find its way to the markets in 2020.

The Ägräs Distillery team is working hard to bring the distillery to the international markets. With a projected turnover of 1.259.280€ in 2018 Ägräs is not on the market only because distilling is fun. No, Ägräs is here to bring beverages with ingredients crafted by Finnish mother nature, made exclusively for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Go get your shares, before it's too late

We hit the minimum target of 100.000€ in the early stage of the crowdfunding round. At the time of this writing, we’ve secured 308.560€ in investments. With a maximum of 350.000€, there are still some shares left. The majority of the funds are planned to be used to enlarge our production volumes so that we can meet the demand from abroad. Let’s bring a small distillery from the idyllic village of Fiskars to the international markets!

In case you’re convinced of the numbers, then go ahead, aid a Finnish micro distillery to hit it big on the international markets. The bragging right is yours for as little as 380€.

Invest here prior to 28.5 at 23:59:

Pitching webinar

If, however you would like to know more and ask questions from our CEO Susanna Kankare before you invest, please attend Invesdor’s pitching webinar on 23rd of May at 11am (GMT +3). During the 45 minute long webinar Kankare will pitch Ägräs and answer all of the tough questions that you might have on hand. The webinar has also three other companies pitching.

Please register to the webinar from this link:

Fred Karlsson