Ägräs Distillery Cocktail List Launch

Our cocktail list was unveiled yesterday at A21 in Helsinki in a cheerful atmosphere among restaurant workers, bartenders, Ägräs shareholders and people who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The day started with restaurant workers and bartenders familiarising themselves with Ägräs cocktails inspired by the history and stories from Fiskars village and continued with an open event from 17:00 onward.

Orange or Black served fresh

Orange or Black served fresh

Ägräs gin & tonic with thyme and blueberries

Ägräs gin & tonic with thyme and blueberries

On top of the premium wild herb cocktails, we also unveiled two tweaked cocktails that can be made in pretty much any restaurant. The easier versions are derived from Orange or Black and Apteekkari. We also launched our Ägräs gin & tonic and Ägräs akvavit & tonic.

Crowdfunding information event

Crowdfunding information event

If you missed the event, fear not, we’re organising two more events. In Turku in Bar4 today at 18:00 as well as in our own beloved Tap Room in Fiskars on Saturday 6.5 from 18:00 forward as well. In case you’re interested about the ongoing crowdfunding round, we’re having a QA session about it during the evenings.

3.5. in Turku at Bar4 (Kristiinankatu 4)
6.5. in Fiskars at Ägräs Distillery Tap Room (Peltorivi 7)


Ägräs Distillery Wild Herb Cocktail menu:

Orange or Black?

In 1967 the prototype for Fiskars scissors was ready. The designer had black, red or green in mind for the color. The machinist who made the prototypes also had orange in his palette and decided to add a color to the selection. As it happens to be black and orange proved to be the most popular colors for the scissors. After an internal vote in Fiskars, the choice fell on the vivid orange color giving birth to the iconic orange-handled Fiskars scissors.

Ingredients: Sea buckthorn, carrot, polypody, gin

Pohjan Pitäjä

The Village of Fiskars is located in the area of Pohja - meaning ”the bottom” in Finnish - in the region of Uusimaa. This area was known as the capital of iron production in Finland during the 15th century, as many of the major ironworks were found there.

Ingredients: Mushroom, cinnamon, bitters, akvavit

Johan Von Julin

Fiskars Ironworks saw many owners throughout the times. However Johan Von Julin was the first one to make the business actually flourish. He bought the ironworks in 1822 and started to develop the agriculture of the area in the making.

Ingredients: Rose, yogurt, lemon, young rye whisky


Johan Von Julin was born in Turku. Before he purchased the Fiskars ironworks he worked as a pharmacist in his hometown. Johan was a real gem to Fiskars. As a progressive businessman he founded a school and a hospital for the workforce in the ironworks, something that was unheard of at the time.

Ingredients: Nettle, fennelseed, lemon, akvavit, tonic

Fred Karlsson