Thank you Taste of Helsinki 2017!

Taste of Helsinki took place 15.-18.6.2017 and for the first time ever the event had a craft distillery tent called Spirit Taste Pavillion. We collaborated with Kyrö Distillery Company, Helsinki Distilling Company and Lignell & Piispanen to bring our products and cocktails to the traditionally gourmet food and wine heavy event.

Taste of Helsinki Ägräs Distillery

Many new acquaintances, stories of our distillery and wild herbs later we would like to thank each and every one who paid us a visit, everybody who served amazing dishes to us and all of you who eagerly listened to what we had to say and enjoyed what we had to offer.

Susanna Kankare

Apart from serving wild herb cocktails Apteekkari and the classic Ägräs GT, we also introduced the Ägräs AT and a very intriguing limited edition Crunchy Cricket.



The event was topped off with a private tasting, where Susanna (our CEO, in case you’re new to Ägräs) single handedly shared knowledge of the ways we distill our products, which ingredients are used and how they are best served.


The last tasting included a joint craft distillery tasting, where all of the four distilleries joined forces and a lucky bunch who got their tickets in time had a chance to taste the different products side by side.

HDCO, Kyrö, Ägräs, L&P

HDCO, Kyrö, Ägräs, L&P

Photos by Anna Aalto and our own Fred

Fred Karlsson