Ägräs Distillery succeeds at International Spirits Challenge 2017!

We are one of the newest distilleries on Finnish soil with just two products on the market. This hasn't stopped us from bringing home awards in spirit competitions. The latest success comes from the annual International Spirits Challenge, which is a spirits competition recognised throughout the world. Every year over 1,300 entries are received from over 70 countries around the globe.

Agras Gin Bronze

Ägräs Gin wins Bronze

As you might remember, Ägräs Gin was awarded bronze in the High Premium Gin category in International Spirits Challenge this March. This was great news for a product that had been in production at that time for just three months. Another great news is that Ägräs Gin has found its way to Alko's general selection since then.

Agras Akvavit Silver

Ägräs Akvavit wins Silver

Ägräs Akvavit has won silver in the same competition in the White Spirit category. "Already a bronze medal for Ägräs Gin in March was a great merit for us. If we're frank, we kind of lost hope for winning anything with Ägräs Akvavit as it took so long for the results. Yet, here we are with a silver medal! Distilling and product development will continue to bring more great products to the table." says master distiller Tomi Purhonen.

Design award: Bronze

On top of the products, the design and packaging has been awarded with a bronze medal. “We’re a craft distillery run by modern artisans. Design and simplicity is very close to our hearts, so a design award is amazing!” CEO Susanna Kankare adds. The brand and packaging has been created in collaboration with PACKLAB, a global packaging and design agency.
This makes way for our internationalisation plans, as we're even more confident that we have good products and a brand to go abroad with. Let's keep distilling! 

Read more about the competition here www.internationalspiritschallenge.com

Fred Karlsson