Ägräs whisky news: PX Barrels and New Spirit

Ägräs Whisky

Summer time, the best time to relax and enjoy the weather and read a few books and drink cocktails. Luckily for you, we here at Ägräs have been busy at the distillery.

Apart from distilling gin and maturing akvavit, 250 litre PX barrels have been filled up with cask strength New Spirit. Angels are taking their share for the following three years, before we can call it whisky though.

In our whisky production, we use sherry barrels all the way from the start of the maturation. Right now we’re loaded with Oloroso and the less used PX (Pedro Ximénez) sherry barrels.

The spirit itself, New Spirit as we call it for the time being is a smoky single malt distillate carefully distilled here in Fiskars to perfection. The barrels are going to finish the products into Ägräs Whisky. Now we can’t do much more than just distill more for now and mature alongside with them.

However, you can experience more! A lot of you whisky connoisseurs would probably like to see, smell and taste our New Spirit in order to have a grasp on what the whisky will be like. By booking a tasting tour to our Ägräs Distillery Tap Room in Fiskars, you can wish to have a New Spirit distillate included in the package. We recommend coming in groups for the best experience. During the tasting and tour, you will also get to know the distillery itself and enjoy a relaxing day in Fiskars village if you choose to do so.

Book your tour and tasting at taproom@agrasdistillery.com

Fred Karlsson