8th of December – Angelica's name day

Derived from Latin angelicus meaning "angelic". Apart from a name, Angelica is a genus of plants in the parsley family. Wild Angelica (Väinönputki in Finnish) is our choice of which we use seeds, roots and leaves in quite a few products. 

Wild Angelica (source: http://www.wikiwand.com/fi/V%C3%A4in%C3%B6nputki)

Wild Angelica (source: http://www.wikiwand.com/fi/V%C3%A4in%C3%B6nputki)

Angelica archangelica is the proper name for Wild Angelica. Other names are European angelica, garden angelica, purple angelica, Alexander's archangel, masterwort and wild celery.

A. Archangelica is said to have been named after an angel who revealed the herb to a European monk as a curative. Quite interesting. We’re a mix of many, as Ägräs is an ancient god of fertility and vegetation that had nothing to do with angels and monks and so on. 

Nonetheless, the root and leaves of Wild Angelica have been used to cure everything from Spanish flu to heartburn and from flatulence to skin disorders. Boy, did that monk experience quite the epiphany upon the discovery of Wild Angelica.

Happy (Wild) Angelica day!

Martin Sandelin