Ägräs to Denmark with a Guardian Angel

We're a tiny bunch of actual people who take turns at standing behind the counter at events, telling all of the details about our products. This way we get in touch with you and also get first hand feedback and intriguing opportunities. During spring one of these encounters got us sitting at the Danish Embassy in Helsinki to discuss our endeavours in Denmark. That afternoon got us also in touch with the production company of the Finnish-Danish collaboration movie The Guardian Angel.

A few weeks later we were in Copenhagen planning our second appearance (after Spirikum festival last year) in Denmark. The Danish premiere of Guardian Angel seems like a great fit, but it needed a twist. We at Ägräs Distillery have always believed in the power of meaningful collaborations. Because it's a Finnish-Danish collaboration, the refreshment serving shouldn't be anything else either. We called Copenhagen Distillery and asked them to join us. They said ja!

Ägräs Distillery is hitting the red carpet at Dagmar Theatre tonight together with The Guardian Angel and Copenhagen Distillery.

Our products will be available in Denmark through Det Danske Spiritus Kompagni A/S from August onward in select spirit stores and bars. The next time we're in Denmark is 31.8.-1.9. are at Spirikum 2018, as part of Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival and Fever Tree Gin & Tonic Festival in Horsens. Yes, they are during the same weekend, so make your pick carefully.

BIOGRAFPREMIERE 28. JUNI Instruktør: Arto Halonen Medvirkende: Pilou Asbæk, Josh Lucas, Rade Serbedzija, Johannes Lassen, Cyron Melville
Martin Sandelin