Ägräs Abloom Gin - the story

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Ägräs Abloom Gin was created to cherish spring and everything that's good and nice about it. But why did we develop a new gin and how did we end up with the end product? Let's dive into it.

Have you been to Fiskars? If not, you probably should. Not necessarily because of us, but the history, arts and beautiful nature found in the former ironworks village, especially during spring time. But yeah, you should also because of us. We wanted to capture the springing Fiskars in a bottle.

Capturing the essence of Fiskars

Fiskars Village during spring is full of blooming fields with a fresh scent in the air, yet it has the sturdy history of rough ironworks below the surface. Pretty on the outside, rough on the inside. How would we capture this? Aromatic flowers and a pot of extra floral honey could make wonders, so testing began. Ägräs Gin is tower distilled and due to that, it's very smooth on the after taste. However, a crispness was sought for this time. Easy, let's just pot distill the lot. After some time, we got it right. At the end of the day, it didn't take us hundreds of hours of trial and error, just knowing what we were doing and focusing on the details.

Packaging and naming

A great product needs great packaging. Thank you PACKLAB for this. As this is our first limited edition product, we felt confident to let go of all of our prejudice and just make something extravagant and different. The end result was going to be seen and remembered. Ägräs Distillery lies by Fiskars River, so the river is flowing through the whole label. On both sides of the river one can make out details from the village as well as the used botanicals and even a bumblebee. To make it even more fun, we decided to hand number the whole lot. That's some writing in a 1680 bottle batch.

Ägräs Abloom Gin Label

It was the naming that almost got us into trouble. Every "oh hell yeah, this is the best name ever"-name (or so we though at the time) was taken after a fast googling. At some point it felt like a list of name and darts would've made the trick. However, going from ultra-difficult word plays, we ended up thinking about the actual product. It's floral, but not overwhelmingly floral. It's like something that is blooming, in other words abloom. Simple! Ägräs Abloom Gin was therefore registered.

The end product

Ägräs Abloom Gin is based on Ägräs Gin, with a few important tweaks. With added hibiscus flowers and local honey, the floral scents and a sweet aroma is present, without any overpowering sweetness. The balance of honey and lemon peels alongside the crispyness ensures a lasting, yet balanced aftertaste. Fiskars' spring in a bottle. Success!

Any awards? Yes, a silver at Destille Berlin in New Western Style Gins.

Ägräs Abloom Gin first batch is almost sold out already, so if you're a restaurant, be quick if you want some stock.


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Ägräs Abloom Gin & Tonic

1/4 Ägräs Abloom Gin
3/4 Premium Tonic water (as dry as possible)
Lots of ice
Garnish with slices of green apple and a twig of thyme

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Ägräs Abloom Gin Dry Martini

5/6 Ägräs Abloom Gin
1/6 Dry Vermouth
Garnish with an orange peel

Pour all ingredients into mixing glass with ice cubes. Stir well. Strain in a chilled martini cocktail glass. Squeeze oil from orange peel onto the drink. Enjoy responsibly!

Fred Karlsson