Ägräs Gin wins silver in the Gin & Tonic category at IWSC 2017

The Finnish distilling know-how has been awarded again. Ägräs Gin has been awarded a silver medal in the renowned International Wine & Spirit Competition in the Gin & Tonic category.

In a competition with entries from over 90 countries, this trophy is a great achievement. Master Distiller Tomi Purhonen chuckles away. “We didn’t have Gin & Tonics specifically in mind when our gin distilling began. Our goal was to create really good gin with Finnish herbs. Winning a silver in the Gin & Tonic category is therefore an exquisite tap on our backs.” he says.

Bronze in the Contemporary Gin category

Moreover, Ägräs Gin was also awarded a bronze medal in the Contemporary Gin category at the same competition.

Agras Gin

Ägräs Gin is the first gin from Ägräs Distillery and it has been on the markets since December 2016. Despite that, it has already been awarded a bronze medal both in IWSC 2017 and ISC 2017 as well as silver in the Gin & Tonic category at IWSC 2017.

The Ägräs team in Fiskars is optimistic. “Our product development is an ongoing process and our product portfolio is about to grow. As these trophies definitely show us that we’re on the right path, we will keep creating great products for the rest of the world to enjoy.” says CEO Susanna Kankare.

The award winning Ägräs Gin as well as our other product Ägräs Akvavit are soon to be found internationally. Keep an eye out. Or subscribe to our newsletter.

Agras Gin Tonic IWSC Silver.jpg

Ägräs GT

1/4 Ägräs Gin

3/4 Fentimans tonic

Blueberries & Thyme


Fred KarlssonGin, IWSC