Fiskars Three Craft Beverage Producer's tour

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Ägräs Distillery, Fiskars Brewery and Kuura Cider in Fiskars provides you with a joint tour in the historic ironworks village Fiskars. During the tour you familiarize yourself in how real craft cider is made at Kuura Cider, how the brewing happens at Fiskars Brewery and what actually is going on at Ägräs Distillery. During the tour a brief history of Fiskars Village is also included when taking a walk from the cidery to the brewery and distillery.

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Visitors are genuinely interested about how all of the beverage producers choose their ingredients and how these ingredients actually turn into premium beverages. It's been delightful to see that visitors have a real interest towards our line of work in the craft beverage industry.

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Apart from getting to know all of the different producers’ facilities and how they work, a tasting of the different producer's beverages takes also place. Catering can also be provided to the tasting and that is priced separately.

The day can be rounded off at Ägräs Distillery's Tap Room, a rustic bar with a straight view into the distillery facilities. Welcome to Fiskars!

The tour has been awarded an Authentic Experience by Visit Finland and by Hungry For Finland as an act of Significant Food Tourism.

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Price: starting from 55 € / person (without food service)
Duration: about 3 hours with tastings included.

Fiskars Craft Beverage Producers:

Fiskarsin Panimo
Kuura Cider
Ägräs Distillery

Distillery Tasting