Ägräs Gin

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Ägräs Gin Profile

The smoothest Finnish gin with tastes of Finnish juniper berry and highlight notes of wild angelica, red clover and citrus. Great for Gin & Tonics as well as enjoyed neat.

Ägräs Gin is crafted and distilled at Ägräs Distillery in the old ironworks village Fiskars Village, 88 km west from Helsinki. Inspired by the centuries long history of the village as well as the clean and pure nature surrounding the distillery. The nature in Finland is one of the cleanest in the world, which naturally works as a cornerstone for our products. Because why go further than the Finnish forest to find what you need?

With only four botanicals, Ägräs Gin is a sensation you wouldn't want to miss. Bringing out the best of every ingredient and making it possible to find each botanical in the taste is something that Master Distiller Tomi Purhonen takes great pride in. The very smooth taste is acquired through a meticulous distilling process and maceration prior to distilling.

The name Ägräs derives from an ancient Finnish god of vegetation.

We create premium spirits from wildherbs, strong roots and aromatic berries for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Ägräs Gin Awards:
World Gin Awards 2018 Category winner
Craft Destille Berlin 2018 Silver in the Gin series
ISC 2017 Bronze in High Premium Gin
IWSC 2017 Bronze in Contemporary Styles
IWSC 2017 Silver in Gin & Tonic


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Ägräs Gin & Tonic

1/3 Ägräs Gin
2/3 Tonic water (eg Fever Tree)
Orange Zest & Thyme
A lot of ice


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