Our Story

Wild botanical herbs and aged spirits from the heart of Finnish nature.

Ägräs Distillery is situated in Fiskars, Finland - a historic village surrounded by the raw magnificence of Finnish nature, internationally renowned for its rich heritage in artistry and design. 

Our philosophy about the craft of distilling embodies centuries-long traditions and knowhow of using handpicked, wild herbs from the region for creating potions and spirits that heal body and soul. We transcend this knowledge into our unique Gin and Akvavit which manifest the natural integrity of our ingredients.

From the pure waters of Fiskars to the seasonal selected botanical roots, seeds, flowers, herbs and berries that, we create one of a kind spirits, exclusively crafted for the rest of the world to enjoy.


Ägräs Family

The company was founded by the envisionaries: The brewing magician Jari Leinonen from Fiskarsin Panimo and his partner in crime Juha Kuronen, the villager of the year Susanna Kankare as well as Anssi Takala. Nowadays the distillery is comprised by over 500 shareholders, as we're the first crowdfunded distillery in Finnish history.

Below are the rest of the family rockstars, who you'll usually run into when having to do with Ägräs Distillery.

Fred Karlsson to the left, Tomi Purhonen to the right and Kothe in the back and the abundant nature starts about 20 meters to the right of this image.

Fred Karlsson to the left, Tomi Purhonen to the right and Kothe in the back and the abundant nature starts about 20 meters to the right of this image.

Tomi Purhonen

Tomi is our Master Distiller and COO. Tomi’s affinity towards the production process and the business as a whole has been refined over 15 years of craft distilling, brewing and hospitality experience. Today, he is part of Ägräs' heart and soul, eager to push out to the public remarkable spirits worthy of attention.  With invaluable know-how for the distilling process and natural talent for everything related to spirits and maturation, the Savo native has all that it takes to place Ägräs firmly in the global spirits scene.

"I appreciate great ingredients and I want to bring out the best out of each one. That's why I only use a handful, for the smoothest and best experience of all of the ingredients used."

Tomi has his sleeves full of stories, so be sure to have a chat with him whenever you see him either at the distillery or one of the events we attend on a regular basis.

Favorite spirit: Ägräs Akvavit and Ägräs New Make


Fred Karlsson

The Do It All guy, focusing on letting the world know about Ägräs Distillery often from the shadows, except from events where he's often found telling about the nippelitieto of Ägräs. At the distillery he takes care of the labelling, cleaning tanks, throwing ideas up in the air and hosting of occasional tours. Apart from the dirty work, he's in charge of marketing and communications of Ägräs Distillery, ranging from writing press releases to maintaining visible channels and photographing. With more than five years of experience in the advertising world, strategy is key or Fred.

"Going the extra mile is pretty much always worth it. Nothing ever came easy in this world. Also, the world is ready for the pure ingredients and spirits that Ägräs Distillery produces."

Favorite spirit or cocktail: Ägräs Akvavit Sour & Ägräs Gin & Ägräs Akvavit & Ägräs Abloom & Änkerö

Chia knows her wildherbs, just ask!

Chia knows her wildherbs, just ask!

Chia Näsman

Chia, the shining sun of Tap Room. She takes you on a spiritual trip every time you interact with her at the bar. Get ready to be entertained and enlightened about the greatest of wildherbs when having a chat with her. On top of all this, she also hosts distillery tours like a boss.

You should also ask for fermenting tips and tricks from her. They're pretty on point.

Favorite spirit: "Don't make me pick a favorite, I like them all."


The Range