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Whisky production

Whisky from Finland is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the spirit. A smoky single malt even less so. However, we at Ägräs decided to thread that path, as our vision is to craft products that we fancy ourselves. And smoky, smooth perfection is high on that list. Our first whisky will hit the shelves in 2020. Join our band of enthusiasts and be part of our journey by investing in a cask, or a part of it.

Ägräs Whisky is made from scratch by our Master Distiller Tomi Purhonen from carefully chosen peated barley malt. After distilling it’s matured in old Oloroso or PX sherry casks, depending on the batch for a minimum of three years. The first tests have been largely successful among whisky connoisseurs.

“One of the most promising whiskies to become from Finland. The smoky, yet smooth taste is really unique.” Jarkko Nikkanen

The majority will be aged for three to four years, however there is one ongoing 10 year maturation program. The wait will be over in 2028.

Buy a whisky cask

Buying a cask of whisky is an investment. We organise two different programs, one where you get to keep the product itself and another where Ägräs Distillery buys back the product when it’s eligible to be called whisky.

We have mainly 250 litre Oloroso casks, but also a few 32 litre PX casks available as well.

The greatness with your own cask is that you may design your own label to the bottle and hand it out to whomever you like. The maturing time is also in your hands, with our recommendations of course. Dreamt of filling up a cask of new make and finally call it your own 12 year old single malt? Fulfill that dream with us.

Please contact us directly, if you would be interested in partaking in our whisky journey at info@agrasdistillery.com