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"Foraging through forests and fields with grace, who could quite anticipate, this moment of such bittersweet taste.

Seriously, how can something so fluffy and green, taste so damn delicious now, yet from memory be so mean?

No need to be sceptical, we have tamed this wild prickly botanical, with a splash of Ägräs Akvavit, a hint of lemon and a sprinkle of fennel. 

With all our seasonal ingredients ready for boiling pots and kettles, we introduce you to our Ägräs Long Drink Nordic Nettle."

World's first akvavit based long drink

A poem was struck for our newest family member. Akvavit is something that we believe in madly and deeply. Therefore it was only natural for us to choose akvavit for the base to our first ready to drink beverage (long drink). Not only is it our first RTD, but the first RTD in the world based on akvavit instead of gin.

“What is akvavit?” you might wonder. Read more about Ägräs Akvavit here.

However, back to our Long Drink Nordic Nettle. Akvavit, nettle and fennel is probably nothing you would expect to be combined in a beverage. We wanted to make something that tastes right though and we're proud to say that there isn’t quite a similar product on the market right now. Instead of aromas etc, we used real, foraged nettles and real fennel seeds. Going the extra mile for exquisite taste is always worth it.

Pair it with fish dishes, for example a simple fish and chips.

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The taste profile is multidimensional, from the round scent to the vivid first taste to the soft aftertaste. The beverage is based upon a wild herb cocktail of ours called the Pharmacist. Basically meaning that it has been in tests for the whole year.

Ägräs Long Drink Nordic Nettle was bottled last Thursday and it was served for the first time at BeerExpo in Helsinki last weekend. The reception was breathtakingly positive.

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Ägräs Long Drink Nordic Nettle will be available in Finland in Alko’s hopefully already next week and in restaurants as soon as these restaurants are ready to fill their storage with this prickly new beverage.

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Martin Sandelin