Ägräs Gin wins bronze in the International Spirits Challenge 2017

This morning was different. We got mail:

“I am writing to congratulate you as Ägräs Gin has been awarded a bronze medal in this year’s International Spirits Challenge 2017 in the Super Premium Gin category. Winning an ISC medal is an outstanding achievement and underlines a producer’s commitment to quality and innovation through the spirit.”

Ägräs Gin Bronze medal

Here’s a fun fact: The annual International Spirits Challenge is “the most authoritative, respected and influential spirits competition in the world”. Every year over 1,300 entries are received from over 70 countries around the globe. And here we are, a distillery from Fiskars that makes a heck of a gin winning bronze. Can you imagine how this feels? It feels pretty good!

It’s almost like yesterday when we rolled out Ägräs Gin and we’re already getting recognized. “There’s nothing else than high quality that we’re striving for so needless to say we are grateful and extremely happy for this award!” says our CEO Susanna Kankare.  At the same time we’re determined to continue distilling better and better so that we can offer the best products possible for you, dear customers.

Of course we hope that a recognition like this will ease our path both domestically and internationally. Nevertheless, we’re not used to sit on our butts in Fiskars and just wait for everybody to find us. We will continue distilling and improving but also letting us be seen and heard wherever we wander.

You can read more about the announcement on www.internationalspiritschallenge.com

Ägräs Gin is available at Alko in Finland and we hope to get many more mails in the future as well.